Audra Phaneuf: Chief Financial Officer

Audra Phaneuf is the Chief Financial Officer of West Central Family & Counseling, Ltd and oversees all financial aspects of the entity and its current and former affiliated entities including; New England Health Care Management, Inc., which has operated and managed nursing homes within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a Hospice company and a billing agency for physicians and groups. Audra holds a degree in Business Administration. She is an operationally focused CFO and involved in many of the day to day functions within the business office. She has a strong aptitude for understanding the dynamic health care landscape and has developed and maintained successful relationships with a multitude of health insurance carriers. Audra has been with the organization since 2000 and has grown with the company, managing revenues which have expanded and doubled since her commencement. She has played an integral role in overseeing and understanding the physician billing aspects within the health care arena, managing and negotiating contracts for the organizations. She has been recognized by the company for her leadership abilities and willingness to step up and take on any tasks assigned and most recently for her dedication and work by earning an Award of Excellence in 2010 at the company’s annual employee conference. Outside of the office Audra and her family reside in Western Massachusetts. She has served on parent-teacher boards, organizing several fundraising campaigns to obtain corporate donations, equipment and supplies for the children and their schools and volunteers within the athletic groups they are enrolled with.